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What Novena Should I Pray?

What Novena Should I Pray?

Novenas are devotional prayers made by a person to God, typically through the intercession of a saint, for some specific prayer request or intention.

Novenas are traditionally nine days long, but exceptions exist (for instance, the twenty-five day St. Andrew novena leading up to Christmas, and the 54-day Rosary novena).

But a common question asked is: which novena should I pray?

Deciding Which Novena to Pray

Here are good criteria to use when deciding which novena to pray:

1. Find the Patron Saint of Some Need You Are Praying For

Sometimes you may be praying for a particular intention, say, the healing of your loved one from cancer. In such a situation, do an internet search for “patron saint of cancer,” and you will then find that St. Peregrine is that saint and you could start a novena through his intercession.

Or, you may want to pray for an intention around fatherhood, purity, being a good husband, and so on, in which case you would discover that St. Joseph and his novena is the perfect one to pray.

St. Anne

Perhaps you are a woman hoping to find your future husband, or you are praying that a woman you know finds her future husband. You would search for patron saint of finding a husband and St. Anne would be the saint to turn to.

The list goes on (and on!). Even for fairly rare or obscure needs, you will often find a saint who is the patron for that cause. Sometimes though you don’t find an exact match, or you are wanting to pray for a different kind of intention. For those situations, read on.

2. An Upcoming Saint’s Feastday

The Church packs its calendar full of saints’ feastdays, so much so that on any given week, some saint or another is having a celebration to honor them.

You can then simply look up the year’s liturgical calendar, find a saint who is soon to have a feastday, and you could then learn about that saint, and start praying a novena through their intercession.